is an informational website for descendants
of Sant'Onofrio, VV Italy. is a Free, Family
Oriented Common Ancestry website that uses the Web to
communicate and focuses on the Enjoyment and Fellowship
of having common ancestry from Sant’Onofrio, Vibo
Valentia, Italia. is for everyone who shares common
ancestry from the town of Sant’Onofrio, Vibo Valentia, Italia
and enjoys participating in an international forum.  

The mission of is to:
  • Unite and Reunite people with common ancestry from
    Sant'Onofrio, VV Italia
  • Provide a multilingual platform for communication
    around the world
  • Share common ideas and learn new ones

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Il nome Onofrio è
di origine egizio e
significa ‘che è
sempre felice’.
The name Onofrio
derives from the
Egyptian ...
"Always Happy"
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Common Ancestory
Sant'Onofrio, Vibo Valentia, Calabria, Italia
S A N T O N O F R E S I . c o m
This statue of Sant'Onofrio, the
town's Patron Saint, is found in
the towns main church of
SS Madonna delle Grazie.
Book written by Biagio Virdo
(nato Sant'Onofrio 1946 da Raffaele
Virdo (Rafeli i Biasi) e Maria Giuseppa
Frasca') is an excellent read in
SantOnofresi dialect.

For information on how to receive
this book please contact: